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"First off I want to thank you for
sharing your gift of tantra with me.
I must say again that I have never
felt that way before, my release
was so different, it was whole body. That is the only way to explain it.
You really made me feel welcome
and at ease. Again, thank you."



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               Tantra art by Paul Heussenstamm

Tantra is a sacred, erotic dance between masculine and feminine; heaven and earth, dark and light, hot and cold, heart and mind. It is the union of the opposites.  Yoga means union. Tantra is a yoga or union of love… weaving together the opposites of life with one another, for a much greater, fulfilling whole.  It is about being whole within one's self, while engaging in the dance of love, with others in conscious bliss. Tantra is an ancient tradition.  It was widespread in India until about the 13th century when the Muslims invaded India and made Tantric practices punishable.  It was then forced to go underground.  It is a passionate and powerful way of life that is finally re-emerging. The word Tantra comes from Sanskrit roots.  Its literal translation is to expand and liberate.  To expand beyond the limitations that block love, pleasure and pure ecstasy from our daily lives.

Tantra was popular in ancient India, Tibet, China, and Egypt. Parts of the Middle East, Europe and the US also practiced rituals of honoring sexuality, as the source of creation. In fact, indigenous cultures throughout the world revere sex as the source of life and would offer their lovemaking to this power for conscious conception and other personal and spirit pursuits.  

Over the course of centuries, until present time, people explored the depths and the power of their sexual energy and learned to use this force as an access to higher consciousness, enabling personal awareness and profound enlightenment!  

With conscious cultivation of this force that creates life, one can gain access to the energy of creation and illumination, which can also raise their life force and immune system significantly!  

Tantra is both an art and a science of life that truly embraces sexuality as a great teacher.  It is a conscious way of living and loving that totally nourishes and empowers one another thru love and caring.  

Through the practices of Tantric meditation, one can radiate orgasmic states throughout their entire body with or without a partner!  This produces a state of expanded love and pleasure that radiates and activates everything in life.  Because the more confident and joyful one is, the more life aligns at this high frequency, even in the workplace.  As one becomes skillful and learns to surf high waves of orgasmic bliss, they are bathed in the rich radiance of this life energy!  

To sustain a Tantric orgasmic state and remain conscious present throughout the experience requires focus and exercises that can awaken our drive and passion for life.  As perpetual motion, the energy that we activate continues to give back far more than the effort we expend.  This is one reason why in tantra, men strive to have orgasms without ejaculation.  

Tantra is realizing those deeply inspired and magical moments that occur occasionally during sex as an ecstatic embrace with our own divine essence.  Moments that can last as long as you are able to remain aware and dance in the waves.  

Conscious bliss is learning to be present and open to the powerful energies of emotion, love and feelings, which can permeate pleasure throughout your entire being, to your core.

It is kissing the entire body, with the kiss of one hand...

by Mare Simone, CTE, Certified Tantra Educator, www.tantraheaven.com

For more information or for an appointment, email info@artoftantra.com

Our "Tantra Couple" is from Paul Heussenstamm . Please check out all of his great Tantra and other art.

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