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Certified Sexual Healer

I am Goddess Renee; and I welcome you! I am a Certified Sexual Healer, Tantrika, and Intimacey Coach. I warmly invite you into my Sacred Space in the heart of the French Quarter. It would be my honor to assist you on a transformative journey into the deepest realms of your magnificant sexual/spiritual nature. I am lead mostly by my main spirit guide, which happens to be a Native American Medicine Man and Healer.

Our time together will be a rich and unique tantric creation based on your own particular needs, desires and wishes. I offer you my gift of unconditional love and acceptance, where every aspect of who you are, and what you bring, is honored, respected and lovingly embraced. Within this consciously created space of love the safe conditions are set that bring forth the high magic of alchemy.

Tantra is known as the Ecstatic Path to Enlightenment, because it calls on our innate sexual energy as the means to bring healing and harmony to the entire Being through the chakras. When these vital energy centers are brought into balance, we are free to expand fully into our Divinity.

What this means is that shame, guilt, and other self-limiting patterns and behaviours fall away, and we begin to experience and live in the ecstatic celebration of our true nature. We are literally transformed! We then become the master lover we always wanted to be; we find our self-worth increases, we are easily able to attract and manifest the love relationship,. the work, the life we really want - and we no longer choose to settle for anything less!

I am passionately dedicated to assisting you in opening these doorways into greater intimacy and happiness. My joy is to connect in-depth with men, women and couples who are sincere in their wish to expand into their full potential on all levels of being human. My sessions may include a variety of relaxing, nourishing, informative, exciting, sensual, pampering and loving tantric practices and skills.

I offer many sacred rituals and ceremonies for Gods and Goddesses including Tantric sensual massage. Another such ritual is the Sacred Sexual Healing Ceremony: Goddess Spot Massage for women’s empowerment healing and to activate amrita. For men the G-Spot Massage is a source of healing. Couples can learn the art with each other.

For an appointment or more information, email us at info@artoftantra.com

I look forward to sharing this illuminating and life-changing experience with you if it is our destiny to meet on the Path.

                                                            Namaste, Love and Light....

                                                            Goddess Renee'

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For more information or for an appointment, email info@artoftantra.com

Our Goddess Mandala is from Corinna Zubin Lyon . Please check out all of her great mandala art.

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